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KC Rehab Physical Therapy Kansas City

In the last several years pulmonary rehabilitation has become one of the mainstream medical approaches for the treatment of patients with chronic lung disease. While the process does not eliminate the disease, the positive effects of exercise and reconditioning for patients with COPD has been well documented. KC Rehab’s progressive rehabilitation program can help maximize our patient’s strength and endurance while minimizing the symptoms of the disease. With physiologic stability and enhanced disease awareness, patients develop self-reliance, emotional wellbeing and physical fitness.


At KC Rehab, our main goal is to help individuals with lung disease experience the highest possible quality of life.  Our pulmonary rehabilitation services consist of individualized patient education, a customized therapeutic treatment plan, and a clear path of goals oriented to fit our patients’ individual needs.  When a lung disease or illness negatively affects your daily living, pulmonary rehabilitation can help you. Studies have shown that individuals who participate in this type of program have reduced their overall hospitalizations, increased independence in daily activities, and feel more confident about themselves



Through Summit Rehab’s pulmonary rehabilitation, patients suffering from debilitating chronic lung disease achieve independence, disease awareness, knowledge of medications, and improved endurance and confidence in their ability to manage their disease. Pulmonary rehabilitation helps patients with COPD improve their quality of life and their ability to function independently. Talk to your physician about Pulmonary Rehabilitation and how it can help you:

  • Increase strength

  • Increase stamina

  • Reduce shortness of breath

  • Increase knowledge of your disease

  • Increase ability to relax and decrease anxiety

  • Personalized medical care

The rehabilitation process typically begins with a physician referral, but KC Rehab can give you an initial evaluation without the referral if you’d like to see us first. During your initial evaluation, a KC Rehab physical therapist will assess your individual strength, ROM, and exercise tolerance. The evaluation determines the specific needs of each patient and then is used to establish goals and to ensure safe and steady progress throughout the program. Regardless, before you can begin treatment, it must first be approved with a doctor’s referral. The only difference is that it is your choice if you’d like to see your doctor first or just come get your initial evaluation prior to asking for your doctor’s referral.

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