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At KC Rehab, we take the same evidence-based approach to fitting cyclists as we do treating our patients. For many cyclists, it is easy to blame an ill-fitting bike as the reason for discomfort while riding, and in some cases, they could be correct. However, for a large number of athletes, discomfort stems from musculoskeletal issues that may or may not be related to cycling at all. As Doctors of Physical Therapy, we are uniquely trained in recognizing and treating these musculoskeletal movement disorders and for a majority of athletes, a bike fit alone is not sufficient in treating the root cause of the problem. That is why all our fitting services start with a comprehensive medical and athletic history, appropriate biomechanical assessment and determination of goals the athlete would like to achieve in their cycling to help direct the priorities of the fit session.


At KC Rehab, we also understand that for many riders, a single session is not enough to determine and correct issues related to bike fit, especially those that have persisted over time. For our advanced and elite fits, we require follow-up sessions. Many athletes need to ease into a new position and reassess as they begin to address issues off the bike. These follow-up sessions also include review of home exercise programs and mobility prescriptions specifically tailored to the athlete.

Classic Bike Fit

A 60-90 minute service designed to ONLY change specific things on the bike with a quick movement screen off the bike. We work through evidence based literature to set people up in the most efficient position for THEIR body.


This will be a cash-based service.

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